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This research guide was created by Ms. Forfa specifically for your ancient calendar presentation project. Use this guide effectively...if you do, the research process and bibliography creation will be a breeze! If you have any questions about this guide or come across broken links, please see Ms. Forfa.

Objective: By the end of this assignment, you will have researched and analyzed an ancient calendar, and created a presentation to explain how ancient peoples used the Sun's and Moon's movements to tell time and to create calendars.

Directions: You and a partner will be assigned one of the following calendars to research. For your given cultural calendar, you will perform research to find answers to the 5 research questions, and create a poster to guide your verbal presentation.

Aztec, Babylonian, Chinese, Egyptian, Hindu, Islamic, Jewish, Julian, Mayan, Buddhist, Japanese, Persian

A successful project will:

  • Answer all 5 research questions in detail:
    • Explain the scientific basis of the calendar (what type is it?)
    • When did this calendar originate?
    • Explain how the calendar works
    • Explain any rituals/holidays associated with the society
    • Describe one of these rituals/holidays in depth
  • Provide pictures which help to illustrate the information, with captions
  • Use 4 solid, reputable sources including 2 books. Online encyclopedias count as books.
  • Provide an APA or MLA formatted bibliography, including citations for each picture used
  • A poster, with LIMITED text to present your information

This project counts as a lab grade.

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