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Superfund Sites: Olin Chemical: Wilmington, MA

Olin Chemical: Wilmington, MA

Where: A 53-acre facility in the town of Wilmington, MA

When: The facility opened in 1953, held various chemical companies, and remained in operation until 1986. Contamination occurred all throughout that time.

What happened? Olin Chemical produced chemicals for the rubber and plastics industries at this site. Chemical waste was disposed of on-site, leading to groundwater contamination and seepage into bedrock. Although the facility closed in 1986, contamination continued. This led to the 2002 closure of the town wells that supplied local drinking water. The site was designated as a superfund in April 2006. 

Olin Chemical facility. Image retrieved from EPA.


Information from the EPA

Recent News


Wilmington awaits answers on possible cancer cluster - The Boston Globe

For years, the families of nearly two dozen Wilmington cancer victims have been awaiting the results of a state Department of Public Health study probing a possible connection between toxic chemicals in the town's water supply and higher than average child cancer rates in their neighborhoods.



Wilmington selectmen seeking political muscle to block rail at Olin site

By Kori Tuitt, Updated: 12/08/2016 10:40:54 AM EST WILMINGTON -- The Board of Selectmen is calling on government officials to help stop the proposed Transrail project from being approved at the Olin Chemical site. The fact that the official comment period is closed for the project is not enough to stop the selectmen from continuing to speak up on behalf of Wilmington residents.



EPA announces Olin superfund site findings

One area recontaminated; residents ask "Am I at risk?" WILMINGTON-Officials and representatives from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DEP), Olin Chemical, the Wilmington Environmental Restoration Committee (WERC), and the town spoke at the Wilmington Middle School Tuesday night to offer updates on the Olin superfund site cleanup process.



EPA: Olin Chemical site no threat to humans

By Katie Lannan, Updated: 06/11/2014 04:23:07 PM EDT WILMINGTON -- Environmental Protection Agency studies of the former Olin Chemical site found that contamination at the Eames Street property doesn't pose a threat to people, an agency representative told residents Tuesday night.