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South Hadley High School

Lyman Memorial Library

153 Newton Street, South Hadley, MA 01075

413.538.5063 ext. 3709

Regular Hours
Monday-Thursday 7:00-3:00

Friday 7:00-2:00

 Special Schedule Days

Early Release 7:00-1:00

Half Days 7:00-11:00

Faculty Meetings 7:00-2:00

Dept. Meetings 7:00-2:00

The library is closed periodically for special events and testing. All hours subject to change. 

Please check whiteboard or morning announcements for updates.

Library Lunch Pass Policy

The library is made available to students during both lunches each day. Students must sign up for a lunch pass ahead of time. To maintain an atmosphere of learning, students must have an academic reason for their visit. Valid reasons include:

  • ​​Using a computer for a project or paper

  • Checking out a book

  • Studying/Homework

If you do not have an academic purpose for your visit, you will be asked to return to the cafeteria. Students who abuse this privilege will not be allowed to come to the library during lunch.

  • Sign up is open before the first block of the day, as well as during break.

  • Sign up is capped at 10 students per lunch. This number is subject to change based on the library’s schedule.

  • The sign up sheet can be found at Ms. Forfa's desk. Write your name on the sheet and fill out the pass completely. Have Ms. Forfa sign your pass, and hold onto it until lunch.

  • Upon arrival, sign in at the front desk. Bring your pass back to Ms. Forfa.

  • Students are expected to remain in the library until the lunch block ends.

  • Any students found in the library during lunch without a pass will be asked to return to the cafeteria. ​
  • In general, students may not eat lunch in the library. Eat your lunch in the cafeteria first, then report to the library.

  • ​If you absolutely need to use the library and there are no spots left, see Ms. Forfa.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to ensure that students and staff are effective users and creators of ideas and information. The library aims to provide a comfortable, friendly atmosphere that is conducive to reading, studying, and research.

The library complies with and supports standards set forth by the American Library Association, the American Association of School Librarians, and the Massachusetts School Librarians Association.




Sarah Forfa, M.Ed

413-538-5063 ext. 3709

@lymanlibrary on Instagram and Twitter