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Genetic Disorders: Home


What is a genetic disorder? What are the causes and symptoms? How does it affect the human body?

This project asks you to answer these questions and more by selecting and researching a specific genetic disorder. From your research, you will be creating a short presentation or video explaining your findings. 

Remember, your presentation should include each of the following pieces of information.

Hint: click on the words in blue for resources to help you get started.

  • The name of the genetic disorder
  • A description of the disorder including any symptoms‚Äč
  • A personal account of someone with the disorder. Interview someone, either in person or online, and find out how the disorder affects daily life, what treatments/cures are available, and the affordability of their care
  • The type of mutation that causes the disorder 
  • The gene the mutation affects 
  • The chromosome on which the gene is present 
  • The type of inheritance and what that means for passing it on to offspring
  • punnett square to explain this concept
  • A sample pedigree of a family affected by this disorder. Provide a karyotype instead if your disorder is caused by nondisjunction

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