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Agents of Socialization

Ms. Goelz


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How do Agents of Socialization Affect Who We Are (the self)? And/Or
How do Agents of Socialization Affect How We Interact with Society?

(1) Content: Deeper Knowledge of the Agents of Socialization
(2) Research in Sociology Skills at the Introductory Level; Using the Scientific Method
(3) How to be an effective and contributing member of a social group (groups no larger than 3)

(1) Agent of Socialization:
Research Question:
How does a student’s academic performance contribute to feelings of belonging in the high school?

Research Method: Surveys and Interviews
Searching: Library Databases: Current Events: Opposing Viewpoints: academic performance

(2) Agent of Socialization: Family
Research Question: How does the presence of same-sex parents affect a child’s sense of self-esteem?

Research Method: Surveys, Interviews, and Existing Sources

Searching: Google: Same-sex parenting

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The Scientific Method

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, the scientific method "is the technique used in the construction and testing of a scientific hypothesis," namely "the process of observing, asking questions, and seeking answers through tests and experiments." It's used in many of the the sciences, including social sciences.