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A Long Way Gone Research Guide


See assignment sheet about choosing a potential topic. If you choose to create your own topic, see Ms. Cole first.

  • Child soldiering
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • The United Nations
  • Past empires and empire-building in Africa (France, England, the Netherlands, etc.)
  • Government and politics in Africa (elections, dictators, political upheaval, etc.)
  • Civil war in Africa (select a nation)
  • Military service and drug use
  • Drug rehabilitation and rehab strategies
  • Cuisine of Sierra Leone and villages in West Africa
  • African folklore and the role of storytelling
  • Memoir/diary/writing as therapy or coping device
  • Jungle survival (how-to, dangers, preparation, etc.)
  • Limits of human survival (mind and body)
  • Role of music in warfare/patriotism/nationalism


Need Help?

If you have questions about research, citations, or just need some guidance while completing an assignment, don't hesitate to ask! I'm always available to help out, either in person or via email.

- Ms. Pronovost

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