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Diet Evaluation: Home


You have been asked to research and evaluate a popular diet in order to determine how healthy (or unhealthy) it really is. The resources provided in this pathfinder will help you complete this research task. If you come across any broken links or have any questions about this guide, see Ms. Forfa. 

While researching a diet, keep in mind that you must address all of the following elements:

  • Name of the diet
  • How the diet claims to work
  • An assessment of this claim:
    • What are the nutritional restrictions?
    • Are any major nutritional groups or organic molecules left out?
    • What is the role of any groups left out?
    • How are these biological roles being filled in their absence (they might not be)
    • Is this diet sustainable? Why or why not?
    • Are there any lasting side effects? What are they and why do they occur?
  • Is this diet sustainable, based on your research and evidence


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