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Personal Essay: Home

Ms. Cole CP English 12 Personal Essay


Steps to Success:

1. Using the chart below pick one item from each category to incorporate into your paper

2. Research your designated research option – be sure to site your source/s

3. Complete the personal option

4. Since I am not requiring you to submit your rough draft for this paper –I would like you to work in google docs and share your paper with me once you begin to work on it – this will allow me to monitor your progress to ensure the paper is in by the due date.

5. Incorporate all that you learn into a well-developed 5 paragraph personal essay.  Remember – ALL strong final drafts involve a writer who goes through the writing process!

Research options (PICK ONE!)

Personal Options (PICK ONE!)

Research your family crest

Interview a family member

Research the origin of your surname (last) name

Thoroughly discuss a family tradition

Research your family country of origin

How did your parents select your 1st name and what does it mean

Research the origin of a family tradition

Describe your earliest childhood memory

Create a family tree (going back at least 4 generations) ** this can take the place of one of your paragraphs**

Discuss information about a family business – past or present

Other teacher approved option

Other teacher approved option