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World History Research Paper

Ms. Wendt


Project Milestones:

Step #1

Proposal of three topics. Ms. Wendt will approve or deny these topics.

Monday, March 25

Step #2

Final Topic Selection: a one-sentence statement of what your topic is going to be. This can be written out or emailed.

Thursday, April 11

Step # 3

List of at least 4 reliable sources you will use AND

 At least 2 pages (notebook or Google doc) or 10 notecards (NoodleTools) with sources cited

Friday, May 3

Step #4

Preliminary Thesis Statement

List of at least 8 reliable sources, including at least 1 primary source.

Notes – at least 4 pages or 10 notecards with citations.

Friday, May 10

Step #5

Rough Outline (what will each paragraph be about?)

10 sources cited, at least 2 primary, at least 1 book;

NOTES: 5 pages (Google doc or notebook) or 25 notecards (NoodleTools) with citations

Friday, May 17

Step #6

Introduction due; Optional rough draft for Ms. Wendt to read and make comments

Friday, May 24

Step #7

Final Draft due (be sure to go over checklist before submission) including Works Cited page, MLA format

Friday, May 31

Need Help?

If you have questions about research, citations, or just need some guidance while completing an assignment, don't hesitate to ask! I'm always available to help out, either in person or via email.

- Ms. Pronovost

Library hours: 7am-3pm Monday-Thursday, 7am-2pm Friday

Carry on!