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World War I: Home


This research guide was created especially for your WWI research essay. Within this guide are several excellent information resources, along with helpful tips for citations and works cited creation. If you have any questions or come across broken links, please see Ms. Forfa. Happy researching!

Your Assignment: Write a 5 paragraph essay including an introduction and a conclusion paragraph, and 3 body paragraphs. Each body paragraph will need 2 pieces of cited evidence to prove your topic sentence. Even if you do not fill in the graphic organizer, you should follow it to be sure you've done this correctly. All sources should be cited in MLA format, and you will need a Works Cited page. 

Topic Choices: Your choices are listed below with some points you may want to consider in your research. Remember, you will need evidence to prove every one of your arguments.

1. What led to The Great War (World War I)?

  • Nationalism
  • Imperialism
  • Uneven industrialization
  • Cult of the offensive
  • Alliance structure

2. Why was the U.S. hesitant to join The Great War?

  • Concerns about disrupting Progressive reforms
  • Immigrants from competing countries
  • Maintaining domestic economy
  • Trade agreements with fighting countries

3. What were the consequences of The Great War?

  • Russian Revolution
  • Versailles settlement
  • A weak League of Nations and the road to another war
  • Economic collapse and the Great Depression
  • You may not use WWII even as we understand it to be largely a consequence of the resolution to WWI- currently, we are studying WWI as The Great War because that is what it was at the time and as such we will be looking at the causes and consequences in context.

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