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Summer Reading 2019


One School, One Theme

For this year’s summer reading, each student will read a book or books that discuss(es) how people from diverse groups (racially, socioeconomically, religiously, etc) achieve their dreams. You may choose one on your own, or you may choose from our list of suggested titles. (Note: All of these books are written for high school students and may contain mature content.)


Questions to Consider

What challenges do the different groups face?

What privileges do the different groups enjoy?


While Reading Over the Summer

You MUST ANNOTATE the book(s) in whatever format you choose. To get started, you should check out "Annotation Tips" on the left sidebar for suggestions on how to annotate. Your annotations, in whatever format you choose, will be collected on the first day of class.


Upon Returning to School

Your annotations will be collected on the first day of class.

You will write an in-class essay based on a prompt given to you by your teacher. You will be able to use your annotations.


For more information/questions

Please contact English Department Chair Tina Lesniak at This email will be checked weekly throughout the summer.